I am the first and only kid of the very crazy couple.

My mom said when she was pregrent, She used to listen to Metallica and RATM. My dad was busy eating kabob's and Birayni in Hydrabad. My grandparents were pampering me 24/7.

My Pictures


Speed Test

Lets see how fast I am


Its the weekend and I am chilling with DJ Snake in the hot tub.

Miss you Beta

Every time I goto India with my dad makes these videos for me..

Batman V/s Alien

My first movie...I was the cameraman...and batman.

Taarkik is my Best Friend

My best freind vennela's vocals with a little remix.

The year 2020

A little talk about the year 2020 during thanksgiving dinner.

Spanish Spin

Small clips from my Stage show in India..all in spanish.

I love you Bubba

A song dedicated to my uncle Bubba.


Zombie Remix

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